DMG Architect

DMG Architect is the easiest way to create professional disk images for commercial distribution or for your own personal use.

Design, test, burn and release all from one app.

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DMG Architect v 1.0

New Features
Complete Apple Script Support - Now automate your DMG's production without ever touching the graphics interface.
Exciting new DMG templates.
Support for Grid - Complete grid support with many options to choose from.
Numerous bug fixes and overall interface improvement.

DMG Architect New Templates New Templates

Existing Features

Easily add your own custom window backgrounds, files and icons.
Total WYSIWYG control of everything including background image and window location.
Use any image for your container icon, not just .ICNS files. Even change the icon of files already added to a project.
No artwork? No problem. Choose a theme from our gallery of backdrops and icons.
Revise your project as often as you need and at any stage.
Add and update text without editing your background images. Typos are painless to fix.
Accessing your Mac's powerful security features is easier than ever - add encryption for extra protection.
Don't forget the End User license Agreement. Putting legal notices where they belong is simple.
Burn your project directly to CD or DVD, no need for other apps.
Release your project as a tamper-proof disk image.
System Requirements
DMG Architect requires Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), 10 MB of hard disk space and 20 MB of available RAM.
Some features are not available in operating systems previous to Mac OS 10.5