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Use the built-in date range selector to view stock information about one or more companies between two dates; that can even be for a duration of one year. You might find it interesting that the data you see is the performance of the stock market in general.

Live Quotes shows you relevant information about company stocks - stock exchange, closing value, opening value, highest value, lowest value, current value, and change in value.

Charts are a most popular medium for data visualization. We present you five different types of charts to help you visualize company stock information - column chart, line chart, hloc chart, can chart and area chart.

Learn more about Live Quotes

  • Refresh. Live Quotes has an auto-refresh feature to keep track of and display stock information second by second. You can keep track of changes in real-time (almost).

  • Ticker. A neat looking ticker at the top of the application continuously scrolls the list of companies you are currently tracking.

  • Charts. For data visualization Live Quotes uses five different charts, using which you can compare stock performances of companies and the stock market.

  • Compare. Live Quote’s comparison feature lets you compare the performances of multiple companies over time.